Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Delusional Doom Blogfest!

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Miskriila The Seducer Killed in Bizarre Incident

Miskriila the Seducer, Avatar of Savorla the Kingbreaker, was declared dead in the fifth week of her journey through the swamps, supposedly after being eaten alive. This strange occurrence took place on the 71st day of the second week of Sirg, which is celebrated in Kaln'Saeeva as the birthdate of Miskriila. In theory it should not be surprising that she has finally died. After all, though appearing to be a normal Faal'Duun, she has lived for 3000 years. However, it would seem that she has become regarded as a permanent fixture in the city here. Liinta'Mko is able to report that as the demi-god made her way across the fens she appears to have cut herself on a sharp stone. We were able to interview Jriiskan Faelnuur, her companion, who was apparently watching as the events unfolded. "She was injured that morning, but it was just a small cut," she revealed. "But it was nowhere near enough to attract anything, so we didn't worry about it. But then... Well then.." (After this point she began crying, and we were unable to get anything further from her.) However, we have reproduced her written account below.
"Well, Miskriila had a little cut on her hand. Did you know, she told me once that a Gistvaar can smell things up to ten times better than a human? Pity she never learned how well a midge can smell though. We hadn't gone two steps before they were on her. She just vanished under a cloud of them. Poof! Just like a magic trick."
Whatever really happened, Miskriila will surely be missed until such time as she may reappear, if any.

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