Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dragon!!! Or, Sllthsmkolptikalmgrt of the Marsh

Sllthsmkolptikalmgrt* of the Marsh isn't terribly smart, but he's not terribly dumb, either (Average). He is a lawful good sub-adult. He is 30 feet long, and weighs 792 pounds. He's quite hard to hit, with an AC of 0. He has 10 HD, and 140 HP. He's rather slow, moving 10 feet on the ground, and flies at the same rate. He uses the standard "Claw/Claw/Bite" routine. He has a weak right arm, thus he only does 1-4 damage per round with it, but the other does 1-6, and his powerful bite does 1-8. He breathes Cold as a white dragon. He is very persuasive (Dragon Speech). He is a horrible mixture of a bird and a frog, owning a beak, and bird-like wings covered in feathers, but has lime and smooth, slippery skin elsewhere. His eyes bulge from his head. He has green wings, and his skin is covered in ornate patterns of brown and green. He is hardly ever in his lair (10%). He will often speak, but will rarely be caught sleeping, and does not use magic often. He is obsessed with colorful fish, and is really working for a neighboring power. He stands upright, much like a carnosaur, but has wings.


Many thanks to E.G Palmer, who's Unexpurgated Dragon Generator I used.

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