Sunday, March 13, 2011

Expansion 3: Continuance

"Watching the Raviien fall from the fort's walls, the Hunaal rose to protect its creations."

The elf watched from a distance - the Ork'Aaln were friends, but so were the beast-clans.

If anyone else wants to take a shot at the next bit of this epos, go ahead!


  1. Those compounds counted as a single word each is fine with me, though "beast-clans" does teeter on the brink..! As perhaps the Raviien did. This instalment clarifies very little, but that's a good thing to my mind. It opens the setting up far wider though, and not only in the extra point of view in-story. We've got a whole world taking shape in 30 words! Generous to offer it for epos too when it's very much your creation.

  2. Well, my thought is that if I don't like the way story has gone - or simply feel that it's good, but I'd like to take it elsewhere - I can branch off into an alternate universe.