Thursday, March 10, 2011

ADMT Group Project: Rooms 7-9

Room 7: This room contains... Nothing. At least, nothing that can be seen, smelled, heard or otherwise detected. The only odd thing about it - other than the lack of contents - is that it is lit with a bright light, equivalent to the sun on a hot day.

Note: This room was actually the ceremonial chamber of a Hierophant Druid, and contains many dead trees, mouldering animal corpses, and grown statues of the goddess Aliinora, but they cannot be perceived in any manner by those not druids, and are, in fact, intangible to those who do not see them.

Room 8:

This room contains many corpses, in varying states of decay. They appear to have been tortured. There is one elf (female, 1st level mage) named Avenrae who is still alive. She has an above average reaction to putrefaction, and will be distracted (-2 to hit and armor) if there are rotting bodies nearby.

Room 9:

This door is blocked almost completely by melted stone. If the door is opened, it can be determined that there are prisoners within. They have food for one week. The Hob-bear priest has been using a Potion of Stone to Mud to enter (by painting it on around a door-shaped section, he was able to remove the piece in the center, and replace it before the spell wore off, thus sealing them back in. However, this requires dripping a small amount on the stone plug behind the door to gain access to the chamber), but it was destroyed when the elves in Room 8 attempted to attack him.

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