Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aiikelth's Law, or Scaling Magic 1


Hard Damage/Healing:

HP that are always added or removed. For example, a spell that heals 6 HP of damage would have 4 points of Hard Healing.

Soft Damage/Healing:

Damage or healing that requires a roll. Thus, if the same spell above healed 1d4 damage, it would have 1 point of Soft Healing.


Various things - such as area, damage or healing, etc. - cost one or more points. 10 points = 1 spell level.

So, let's scale a spell.


Range: Touch

Components: A small bit of dead tissue

Casting Time: 2 rounds

Duration: Instantaneous

Area of Effect: Special

Allows the caster to bind small bits of dead tissue to a wound, healing 1d6 damage.

Okay, 6 points of soft healing (1d3 is 3, 1d4 is 4, 1d6 is 6, 1d8 is 8). The range is 2 points. So, 8 points. A cantrip, but just barely. If we were to make it heal 1d6 +2, then it would be first level and a bit. (10.5, to be specific).

Basic point costs:

Soft Healing: d# = cost.
Hard Healing: 1 HP = 1.25 cost.
Soft Damage: D# + (D#/2) = cost.
Hard Damage: 1 HP = 2 cost.
Range: Self = Free. Touch = 2 cost. Other = 1 point per 5'.

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  1. It looks good to me in concept, and makes sense with these basic examples. The costing is precise, but it's natural to look at whether that holds up over wider use or needs a little tweaking. There is the issue of complexity, and the time taken to calculate, but that will of course be reduced with familiarity. Other more unusual effects can easily be added in as necessary. I'd like to see what others think of it too, but this has to the making of a great supplement, and a very logical step forward in general thinking.