Monday, March 14, 2011

Thieves Guild of Tneever

Guild Leader:

Name: Rhyanon

Description: Fairly tall, with dark skin and voluminous sandy hair which is pulled back into a bun and held in place with a pair of wooden sticks. She wears a ragged cloak that hangs loosely about her obese frame.

Guild Second:

Name: Eard

Description: He is on the short side, with olive-colored skin and unkempt brunette hair. He has a long, flowing beard and wears a scarlet robe that rigidly accentuates his wiry frame.


Name: Caelholdt

Description: Medium height, with pale skin and greasy brunette hair. He has a fancy mustachio and wears a leather tunic that adheres to his muscular frame.


Talisman Bar
Battleaxe of Balance
Keen Goggles
Robe of Flame
Crossbowman [5cp/day]
Greater magic weapon +3 (oil) - 1,800gp
Barkskin +2 (potion) - 300gp
Mugwort (prevents unconsciousness) - 4gp
Fellm's Weathervane: If used, it will cause the weather to be moderate, with temperatures between 73 and 84 degrees. The wind will be almost a non-factor, but will be felt occasionally from the west. Precipitation will be in the form of a light drizzle falling down ahead of brooding cirrus clouds.

Name: Zephere

Description: She is slightly taller than average, with ruddy skin and curly dark brown hair tucked behind her ears. She wears a damask tunic that hangs loosely about her slim body.

Notes: Offers a shady deal on an item of unknown origin ( Adamantine Wand Pertaining to Ruby Wyverns). Leads to an attack by the Broken Moon Clan, who believe that it will enable them to reach the moon.

Belramba (nerve damage) - 180gp
Febfendu (deafness) - 900gp
Cinquefoil (aphrodesiac) - 15gp
Ironhard (hardens skin) - 15gp
Jojopo (frostbite) - 9sp
Dagmather (tissue damage) - 28gp
Spiderwort (spider bites) - 10gp
Pargen (resurrection) - 2000gp
Dwarf Mallow (bee stings) - 3gp
Caffar (psionic enhancement) - 10gp
Elecampane (induces vomiting) - 1sp
isplacement (potion) - 750gp
Levitate (potion or oil) - 300gp
Pass without trace (potion) - 50gp
Resist energy (type) 20 (potion) - 700gp
Neutralize poison (potion) - 750gp
Hide from undead (potion) - 50gp
Lesser restoration (potion) - 300gp
Eagle`s splendor (potion) - 300gp
Darkvision (potion) - 300gp
Greater magic weapon +5 (oil) - 3,000gp
Hide from undead (potion) - 50gp
Blur (potion) - 300gp
Remove curse (potion) - 750gp
Shield of faith +3 (potion) - 300gp
Misdirection (potion) - 300gp
Reduce person (potion) - 250gp
Enlarge person (potion) - 250gp
Greater magic weapon +2 (oil) - 1,200gp
Sanctuary (potion) - 50gp
Good hope (potion) - 1,050gp
Cure moderate wounds (potion) - 300gp
Hide from undead (potion) - 50gp
Spider climb (potion) - 300gp
Sanctuary (potion) - 50gp
Greater magic weapon +2 (oil) - 1,200gp
Endure elements (potion) - 50gp
Protection from arrows 15/magic (potion) - 1,500gp
Water breathing (potion) - 750gp

[1d20] 7 = 7
[1d%] 40 = 40
[1d%] 60 = 60

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