Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Game Report: Southern Seas, Sessions 1 & 2.

I'm playing this guy:


Money: 13 (owed 13 by Dorian) GP (Base 130)
0 SP
5 CP
Age: 32 years, 9 months

(Base Rolls)
2-5-1 (8)
5-3-4 (12)
6-5-6 (17)
6-2-2 (10)
2-3-3 (8)
6-6-6 (18)

Int: 18
Con: 17
Cha: 12
Str: 10
Dex: 8
Wis: 8

Read Magic (Automatic)
Unseen Servant (Random)
Charm Person (Random
Find Familiar (Chosen)

Boots. high, hard
Boots, high, soft
Bit & Bridle
Saddle Bags, large
Saddle Blanket
Belladonna, sprig (1)
Wolvesbane, sprig (1)
Spellbook (2, 1 in saddlebags, 1 on me)
Rope, 50'
Oil, flask (5) Animals:
Torch (10) Horse, riding (light) (Mariskol)
Dog, guard (Amakthenros)

Kasiv is tall and thin, with dark skin. He has brown hair, and dark grey eyes. He is from a small village in the human kingdoms, where he worked as a porter, and has come to the city to get away from the constant work, though he is, in a way, grateful that he started his life there, as he otherwise would not have discovered his magical abilities (He found out about them when he was carrying a heavy load and accidentally summoned an Unseen Servant).

Upon my arrival by caravan in Skalfier, I stabled my horses and then proceeded to The Captain's Quarters, where I met Dorian, also a human mage. I agree to join forces with Dorian, and aid him in acquiring magical artifacts. We discuss, out of character, the enlistment of hirelings, and it is decided that we should hire a light footman in addition to the torchbearer we already have. I eat, have something to drink, and then proceed to learn about the ways to get into the Merchant's Guild, as well as what the local time is like.

After this, I wander around the docks for about six bells (3 hours), and then go to the traveling market, where I inquire about being sponsored into the guild. Sadly, no-one is able to help with my efforts, so I continue on with Dorian. Up to this point, Serena (The torchbearer) and Magar (The footman) have been with us, but it's getting late, so I give Serena 4 gold and have them acquire private rooms for all of us, after which I continue to the Merchant's Guild. Glossing over details, I way overpaid a messenger, and sent a letter to the Caravan Master, which said I knew about a bandit attack (Lying, naturally), and where I'd gotten them from when he asked for details. I then ran off to the nearest cover, and prepared to charm him when he came out. So far as I know, it worked, but two people saw me. I tried to cover up what I'd been doing by saying that I was trying to read a scroll (Actually a fake Dorian made for me), but they were having none of it, and started shouting at me about being an evil, horrible mage. I tried to smooth things over by saying that I'd been using a trinket that I was given by a mage in payment, and I was actually an alchemist, but they didn't like that, either. The session ended with me walking towards the Caravan Master.

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