Monday, March 21, 2011

The Carcass Fiddlers (Expanded Table)

1. Escaped Raviien slaves. Not so much "chewing" as "searching for a key to unlock the wing-hobbles", but still...

2. d4 Bellkeepers trying to hide whatever weird effects have happened to it. Roll on the Table of Bells to determine which. If the Peeling Bell, roll twice, and whatever is left will be messing with the scraps of flesh. Also, a trail will be left behind them.

3. Carcass Fiddlers trying to decide if they can make it into a new instrument.

4. 2d6 Exploding Cats. If the corpse is that of one or more of such animals, they will simply be littering the streets in small chunks. (See link)

5. A Daeling . It is preparing to take the form of the body, at which time the corpse will be dissolved.

6. The "corpse" is actually a starving zombie. It is eating itself.

7. d4 elven concubines. They are attempting to revive or rob it.

8. T'Louk'Btan'Kiak (The Father of Trolls). He is preparing to turn it into a Troll.

9. Corpse Worms*.

10. Necromancer looking for test subjects. There is a 75% chance he has a government sanction.

*The corpse worm has a collective intelligence. A large group of them can convincingly simulate the muscles they have eaten, and often do so to get jobs as gravediggers or others who work with the dead. If not stopped, d4 new infestations per day will occur for each body the worms inhabit. Know alignment will detect them, as it will return no alignment whatsoever if used on them.


  1. Have you discussed these "Bellkeepers" before? I notice there's no link provided.

    And I love 6.

  2. Thanks! As for the Bellkeepers, not really. Since they're different depending on what bell they're for, it's a fairly difficult topic.

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