Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Ceremonial Socks of The Ardrissi Priests: Dungeoneer's Socks

The Ardrissi have sworn to never wear shoes. However, there is nothing in their vows about the use of socks, which has lead to the creation of a great deal of specialized variations of this common article of clothing.

Dungeoneer's Socks:

The first sock type created by the Ardrissi seems to have appeared around 450 years ago, at the very beginning of their order. In this rudimentary state, it was nothing more than 10-15 pairs of socks, each a bit larger than the last, and possibly sewn together. However, this early form quickly became reinforced with clay on the outside, in the hopes that they would provide more protection. Results were mixed, at best...[See, Ceremonial Socks of The Ardrissi, Volume 1] ...The modern form of Dungeoneer's Socks have rabbit fur lining the inside, the equivalent of 5-7 pairs of thick woolen socks, a thick layer of goose down, surrounded by another layer like the first, and are covered in 1/3" thick leather. There is a flap on the top for the insertion of heated rocks.

The upshot of all this is that they now count as leather armor +2, or +4 if an attack is made against the legs.

Edit: Forget to mention the rules for these, changed leather thickness.

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