Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Stay awhile, and listen." (Porky's Blogwalk 2)

You lay down on the moss covered roots, intending to rest for a time. However, as you lay there, you begin to hear voices from within the tree, which appear to be requesting your aid.

Flee up

Flee down


Question them

Agree to help

Refuse to aid them


  1. We're listening here:

    Jennie has one of the routes out, and you and ArmChairGeneral each have another. The other three are the three remaining here.

  2. I remember. I thought about developing them, but realised that up in the tree there are the issues of what might be seen and recognition of the landscape, and how we write these could give us more knowledge of who the character is.

    The same with the leap, in that the character would surely only leap if he or she expected not to be injured, or wanted to be, and again there are issues of identity here. I want to see those routes developed, but I don't know how I would do it yet.

    On the subject, I think it would be good if I put up a summary post soon, to let everyone not involved how much has been done and where the loose ends are waiting.

  3. No! A refusal at last:

    I'd almost forgotten about the whole project.