Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Go Climb A Tree! (Porky's Fantasy Blogwalk)

After many hours of climbing - with short rests on the naturally formed platforms that grow every few yards - you arrive in the high canopy. Looking about, you realize that the leaves of the tree are giving off a gentle, soothing light, which seems to be healing your aching muscles. As a sense of peace and contentment pervades you, you realize that you could live here for years, and not give a thought to anything else.

Return to the base

Explore further

Stay awhile

Leap from the tree


  1. So what happens if one were to elect to Stay Awhile? Hmmm...but then to leap from the tree might be educational as well...

  2. You get a quote from Diablo, and some oddness. Thanks for reminding me to link to it.