Thursday, February 17, 2011


"Authentic Seed Overload"

Why are my crackers giving error messages?


  1. Misread as: "Authentic Seed Overlord," which brings up all sorts of questions, such as the problem of impostor seed overlords.

  2. Hmm. Perhaps a master of all seeds, whether for mapping or consumption, while others have only some of his powers?

  3. The Authentic Seed Overlord rules, tends, and strictly controls access to the last remaining non-GMO and non-magically altered seed bank in the Nine Worlds. To maintain seed viability, the bank is a living, regenerative, and dynamic planted project located inside an armored, totally self-contained, bio-isolated dome spanning an area roughly the size of Egypt. It is the last source of seeds that can be freely saved, cross-bred, or planted without paying exorbitant royalties to a bio-tech firm or magical guild.